Contentpace content optimiser is super easy to use. In this step by step tutorial, you will learn how to create a project to optimise content with Contentpace content editor.

A content optimisation project can not be launched without a topic report. Contentpace content optimiser analyses competing content data to calculate vital content metrics like word count, readability, keyword density, heading hierarchy etc for your content. So the process of content optimisation always starts with a topic report. Let's go through the process step by step. 

Step-1: Create a new topic report or open an existing topic report by clicking the "View report" button. It will take you to the topic report details page.

Step-2: In the topic report detail page, locate the "Optimise content" button on the top right corner and click it to launch your content project.

Step-3: You will land on your content editor for this specific keyword. Here you can edit, update and optimise your content with a live content editor and guided suggestions.

Contentpace content editor is compatible on desktop devices and have Auto-save feature to deliver optimum editing experience.